Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ways Make Your Home Feel Like a Special Getaway (Staycations)

Staying at home because you can't afford a pricey trip doesn't mean you can't still have a fabulous vacation. People usually focus on acting like a tourist in their hometowns during their staycations. However, you shouldn't overlook enhancing your home environment as well, so it feels like a different place. To make being at home feel like a vacation, treat your space as if you were getting it ready for guests to come over. Only this time you are the guest!

1. Decorate with fresh flowers - Either buy ready-made arrangements from your local flower shop or grocery store, or assemble simple arrangements yourself. Sticking with a single color for each arrangement is the best way to achieve stylish flowers. And since you took the week off work anyway, why not try your hand at flower arranging?

2. Use candles to enhance your lighting and mood - Set out votive candles throughout your home, and keep them lit every evening until you go to bed. Candles are a quick, easy way to create a soothing atmosphere. Even big box stores now offer spa-themed candles that can go a long way towards transforming your home into a 5 star resort.

3. Stock your kitchen with food and drinks you normally would not have - One of the main advantages of staying at home is not spending lots of money to eat out for every meal. However, instead of eating your regular rotation of foods, mix things up. Stock your kitchen with out-of-the-ordinary snacks like crudite, rosemary almonds, and freshly baked cookies. Also treat yourself to some new wines or interesting glass bottle sodas. Prepare a favorite special occasion meal, like herb-crusted beef tenderloin.

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