Thursday, January 19, 2012

How To Take the Train to Aix En Provence

France's Cote d'Azure region is much loved for its unique weather and warm beaches. The famous French Riviera draws most of the crowds:

- The famous Grand Prix Races of Monaco, likely the most famous car race in the world
- The renowned Casino Monte Carlo, one of the most celebrated casinos in the world
- The Prestigious Cannes International Film Festival, unquestionably the most famous such festival in the world

But the less rich and less famous enjoy the beaches and the sun elsewhere in the Cote d'Azure. And some of them (especially Cézanne admirers) find their way just a short trip inland north of Marseille to a medieval town that was actually founded by the Romans in 123 BC (the date sounds like a pre-schooler lesson, doesn't it?) - Aix en Province.

Yes, it is inland, so not ideal for lying on the beach. But the weather is every bit as nice, with the warm Mediterranean winds blowing in from the sea, and the town located on the south-facing slope of the highlands above Marseille.

What draws Cézanne admirers in particular is that he loved the town and the area around it, and spent many years painting there. If you know your Cézanne paintings, you will find them all over town. The Bibémus quarries, located just below Mount Sainte-Victoire, can be seen. These provided Cézanne with their curious motifs of their ochre-colored rock faces, in geometric patterns. You will find these prominently featured in many of Cézanne's landscapes.

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