Sunday, January 15, 2012

Of Private Air Charter Services

Air charter, in its basic definition, is a business of renting out aircraft for individuals or groups of people or company for vacation or business trips. For these individuals and companies, taking a private flight is like owning the entire aircraft. They pay high costs for the benefits and services the airline gives them in return. Truly, booking a private aircraft flight is a luxurious way of traveling. Private air charter services come in various forms. This article will discuss the tops 3 of these services. Many businessmen and elite people are now demanding for these services. If you are one of those who plan to avail of these, it is well for you to find out which types of service you will need.

The first type of service is the Ad-hoc private charter service. This package consists of hiring an aircraft as an individual or as a representative of your company or organization. With this, you can be able to purchase the jet or plane for your company or avail of the services of the airline company on a lease basis. You can get special price from the airline if your company has repeatedly availed of their services or will need such services frequently.

The second type of service is the Air Taxi or On Demand Services. This type is typically on a per trip basis. Among all the types of services nowadays, it is the most popular one. It is you and you alone who shall decide upon your destination, date of flight or travel and the type of aircraft. This type of service is offered by many private airline companies in different states.

The third one is the Private Charter Membership. If you frequently travel, this one is ideal and beneficial for you. If you become members of some companies, they can offer you great rates. The benefits you can take advantage of are better than those of the non-members.


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